Unique tarpaulins and pool covers

Unique tarpaulins and pool covers

A membrane to cover your pool combining aesthetics, comfort and innovative technology

Our cover for infinity pools

PVC pool blinds.
Coverseal represents the new generation of covers for infinity pools and others, thanks to many years of research that have led us to patent the technology used.
You can see our work also in DELVAUX NAUTILUS IDROS


Autonomous cover without the need for connection to the electricity grid thanks to photovoltaic panels.


The cover remains perfectly taut due to the strength of the prestressed PVC membrane.


All pool covers are the result of three years of research that have led to the manufacture of a long-lasting product based on high-tech materials.


The membrane for pools (automatic or not) complies with the strictest standards worldwide for pool safety (French standard NF P90-308 of December 2013).

Semi-automatic tarpaulin

The semi-automatic model of the pool covers is characterized by a portable control panel with rechargeable battery through a charger to the domestic electrical network

Automatic tarpaulin

The automatic model is always available and is characterized by the quality of the technologically advanced materials that ensure a perfectly stretched PVC membrane of the Ferrari brand.

BAC Pool systems

There are some cases of pools with more complex shapes that require specialized tarpaulin systems, for this we trust BAC Pool systems, more information at its official website